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AWS DevOps Services

Reach new heights of productivity with the support of DB Serv experts! We'll help you implement agile AWS services combined with DevOps practices so you can automate your development cycle and set up simple management for challenging work environments.
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AWS DevOps Services We Offer

DevOps with AWS provides your business with a new approach to the organization of development and operation teams, allowing for joint work in a common cloud environment. Take advantage of our AWS DevOps services and get effective infrastructure management, simple code deployment, and automated release of finished products.

AWS CodePipeline

Managed continuous delivery service that helps automate features and update pipelines for infrastructure and applications. Used as a tool for modeling work stages and a comprehensive solution for implementing your own modules at any stage of the development process.
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AWS CodeBuild

Continuous integration service that runs scripts for compiling, testing, and building code with automatic scaling. It also helps create software packages ready for deployment.

AWS CodeCommit

A Git-based repository hosting solution that enables joint work with code as well as safe browsing and editing of digital projects. It also has highly scalable and accessible repositories stored close to AWS production and pre-production testing environments.

AWS CodeDeploy

Service for automated code deployment in development & testing environments, significantly saving your team time. It integrates with the continuous delivery process and can run on both on-premise and off-premise cloud servers (EC2, ECS, AWS Lambda).

AWS CodeStar

This Service allows you to quickly create, build, and deploy software on AWS. A unified user interface helps you centrally manage all development processes, select tool sets for continuous delivery and quick start of work with code, track tasks, add users to the project, and assign roles to them.
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Benefits of our team as an AWS DevOps service provider

Personal approach

We evaluate all AWS DevOps implementation options based on your business goals, methods, and organization needs. Therefore, you receive solutions that precisely match your internal work processes and optimize them as much as possible.

Expert view

By contacting us for advice or support of AWS DevOps services, you are sure to receive professional help and effective recommendations. The DB Serv team consists of qualified AWS product experts who are always ready to share their deep knowledge and experience with you.

Save time

The professionalism of our crew allows us to quickly analyze your infrastructure, select the necessary AWS cloud services, and identify the best options for incorporating DevOps practices into your team. We also provide support to help your employees adapt to new ways of working faster.

Reliability and safety

In cooperation with you, we are guided by the principles of honesty and transparency, so the cost of our services is based on your needs only. Moreover, we sign a contract with previously agreed conditions and NDA to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Stages Of Work

Implement optimized development approaches in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Consultation and assessment

We will carefully study your needs, industry and evaluate the current infrastructure to determine which AWS DevOps services you need to increase your company's productivity.

Step 2. Making a plan

Our team will select the best methods for implementing DevOps practices and AWS tools and outline the time frame for completing the work.

Step 3. Conclusion of the contract

We will draw up a contract describing the services provided, their costs, and deadlines and sign an NDA.

Step 4. Execution of work

Our specialists will perform all the necessary preparatory work and help you implement DevOps practices and services designed to run AWS efficiently.

Feedback From Our Clients

Read our customer reviews to learn more about the work of the DB Serv team.
“Before DB Serv, our budget for the database team was large, but we still did not have enough for our database estate maintenance. DB Serv showed us how cost can be reduced while still maintaining a good quality of service.”
“DB Serv is a reliable and expert level DBAs”
"Vitaly from DB Serv provides the best service for the DBA support and management"
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Why Choose Our AWS DevOps Services

DevOps as an AWS service moves traditional development processes to the cloud and transforms them by automation and optimization of each stage of the product’s life cycle.
To ensure that you receive the optimal solution for implementing this approach, DB Serv provides:

✅ Comprehensive services, including consulting, implementation, configuration, and maintenance;

✅ Individual selection of solutions for organizing automated releases of digital products;

✅ Fast integration of AWS services into your company’s current infrastructure.


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Want to increase your team's productivity by 30% and reduce development efforts by up to 50%? DB Serv knows how to help you!

Contact us in any convenient way, and we will offer you the best option to implement AWS DevOps services.
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