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Turn-key data backup service

Data backup service of all your company’s data arrays over a secure gateway and storing it in the cloud.
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To safeguard and preserve your company data from virus, technical breakdowns or loss of servers - backup to a single centralized cloud based solution.

For whom?

For medium and small companies, with data arrays up to 20 Tb.
  • Retail
  • pharmacy retail
  • online shops
  • insurance, logistics, manufacturing companies
Cloud backup and recovery service
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How it works?


A backup is made automatically in a given period of time

Data replication

Data is copied to the gateway, from which in real time it send into the cloud


Our engineers monitor the backup circuit 24/7, ensuring data integrity, SLA and infrastructure resiliency

Benefits of data backup service

Open source technology

There is no fee for software licenses.


Backup from DB Serv - cheaper than internal Netbackup with an in-house employee.


Full data security.

Technical support

We interact with the client and answer questions throughout the duration of the contract.


prompt response to problems in the backup circuit.


Adapting new databases for replication.


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Technical survey

Infrastructure Audit and NDA Signing

Work Plan

Configure and Run Backup


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Backup lite
1. Backup 

2. Storing all company data on our cloud

Backup plus
1. Backup 

2. Storing all company data on our cloud

3. Service Support*

* Service support includes:
  • The work of professional engineers on the side of DB Serv 24/7/365;
  • Redundancy circuit monitoring;
  • Prompt response to failures and troubleshooting in the circuit;
  • Adaptation of new databases for replication;
  • Full customer consulting support on Backup and Cloud.
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