Monitoring SQL Queries in Oracle Database

We have already mentioned that ZenMon has become a native cross-platform database monitoring tool for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL using the Zabbix Agent. But what metrics and triggers it monitors - no. We think it's time to start! 

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How ZenMon database monitoring will reduce your costs by up to 4 times

The good news: 

To reduce the cost of maintaining database management systems, install ZenMon monitoring, which will replace 4 monitoring programs from Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server, as well as a separate business process monitoring program.

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Copy and save

Need to backup company data to the cloud? DB Serv launches the “Turnkey Backup” service: for medium and small companies, with data arrays up to 20 Tb. 

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Chaos Killer: Monitoring ZenMon and its Superpowers

Imagine a tool that can monitor the status of different databases from Oracle to SQL Server in real time on one screen. 

"Can temperature sensors be monitored in the production hall?" - An inquiring production manager will ask a question. 

“You can,” you answer.

Because you have ZenMon monitoring all databases and any business processes of the company in one window.

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