Reporting Databases: Essential Insights

Virtually every business has its own corporate software that utilizes a database. However, this is typically an operational database designed specifically for working with information, calculations, etc. Expanding its functionality to the level of a reporting database is often impractical as it only adds complexity to the DB, affecting its productivity. 

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SQL Server System Databases Overview

The SQL Server infrastructure comprises several levels and types of databases. Generally, they can be divided into system databases in SQL Server and user DBs. 

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Database Testing: Comprehensive Guide

No matter how reliable and secure your database may seem, it needs to be periodically and proactively tested. Otherwise, you may encounter quite unpleasant surprises: 

   ● Data inconsistencies. 

   ● Transaction errors. 

   ● Faulty operations. 

   ● Leakage of sensitive information. 

   ● Failure of the entire IT product, including the server side. 

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Database vs Spreadsheet: Understanding the Differences

Even in 2024, the comparison database vs spreadsheet is frequent. To non-technical personnel, it may seem that they are the same thing packaged in different wrappers. But no, they are significantly different systems, each designed for specific needs. Today, we'll explain exactly how they differ. 

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What is a Database Field? Types, Functions, and Examples

The most extensive database in the world is supported by Amazon, containing 300 million active clients. However, how can they be effectively managed? It is important to understand how the database field works. Keep reading to learn about its features and field types. 

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