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Chaos Killer: Monitoring ZenMon and its Superpowers

Imagine a tool that can monitor the status of different databases from Oracle to SQL Server in real time on one screen. 

"Can temperature sensors be monitored in the production hall?" - An inquiring production manager will ask a question. 

“You can,” you answer.

Because you have ZenMon monitoring all databases and any business processes of the company in one window.

A year ago, the classic picture of the working day of database administrators looked like this: 

4 computers, each of which was assigned a separate specialist for a specific database. 

Today - ZenMon (based on the Zabbix agent) allows you to collect analytics from each database into one dashboard and leave one responsible specialist in front of it. 

Strictly speaking, you can not leave it unattended as a chat bot is also attached to ZenMon.  

Reminding and notifying all interested parties about incidents by an Alarm in the messenger or by email (if one of the colleagues is a retrograde). 

In addition to the obvious advantages, ZenMon has other nice bonuses: 

  • A ready-made solution for monitoring databases MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL, MySQL; 
  • it is fast and consumes few resources; 
  • allows you to do frequent checks without loading the server and database; 
  • and most importantly: it covers all operating systems: from Linux to Windows and MacOS.

How to use? 

You can buy ZenMon for your team as a software package or use the SaaS-solution by subscription. 

And then a few more administrators from DB Serv will be added to the service.