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How ZenMon database monitoring will reduce your costs by up to 4 times

The good news: 

To reduce the cost of maintaining database management systems, install ZenMon monitoring, which will replace 4 monitoring programs from Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server, as well as a separate business process monitoring program.

What does this mean from a technical point of view? Well, besides the fact that you no longer need to worry about data processing speed. 

 ZenMon Features 

  • ZenMon supports monitoring of Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL on all operating systems: Linux, Windows, AIX and Solaris;
  • You no longer need any scripts, crutches, and more; 
  •  ZenMon supports monitoring of OS parameters, and also supports encryption (PSK / SSL); 
  •  It works quickly, consumes little CPU and RAM; 
  •  It has a minimum of settings that the junior specialist will be able to deal with;- ZenMon is a compact solution with a minimum of dependencies.

Everything is displayed on 1 dashboard, including data on monitoring of all databases and business processes. If you are not there, the chatbot will inform you about incidents and critical conditions - in instant messengers or by email.