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Database Migration Services

Would you like to quickly and effectively transfer your information to a new database, adapting it to your specific needs? Trust this task to the experts of the DB Serv team!
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database migration services

Our Advantages

DB Serv, a database migration provider, is your reliable partner with over 15 years of experience working with all the latest technologies. Our team of engineers is ready to assist you 24/7 and ensure minimal disruptions to your business.

What We Offer

For our clients, we offer a full range of database migration services, including helping to:
✅ Migrate data between databases and integrate it into your application.
✅ Optimize and modernize your digital infrastructure.
✅ Convert information formats without losing any data.
✅ Backup and restore data arrays.
✅ Establish seamless communication and organic architecture solutions.
database migration service

Our Database Migration Services

We provide high-quality services in data migration and the replacement of technical solutions for businesses. We ensure that not a single byte of information is lost during these processes.
database migration company

How does Database Migration work?

➡️ Evaluate

Familiarize with the client's existing solutions and their business needs. Assess their performance and scalability.

➡️ Update

Deploy and configure the new database and prepare the necessary tools. Perform backups and transfer in a test environment.

➡️ Migrate

Commence the migration process in the prepared working environment. Monitor progress and keep an eye on the status of the new solution.

➡️ Manage

Compare the previous database with the new one. Perform configurations, including communication settings, and manually transfer some data.

➡️ Optimize

Research the newly created solution and test its stability, performance, and security. Perform additional configurations and optimizations.
database migration provider

How We Help?

With our assistance, you will gain a flexible and scalable data infrastructure, the potential of which will be realized even in the long-term perspective.

Why Choose Our Database Migration Services

24/7 Production Support

Our team of engineers and technical experts works around the clock online to provide customers with instant support.

Professional Support Team

DB Serv, a database migration company, employs only middle+ and higher-level professionals, ensuring you receive top-tier service.

Stages Of Work

Plan and Prepare for Implementation

Assess the existing infrastructure, prepare a modernization strategy, and develop a data work plan.

Design Of New Architecture

Design the database architecture per the client's requirements and IT solution specifications.

Implement the System

Deploy the infrastructure and transfer data from the previous version with prior data backup.

Setting Up the System

Configure the new database, establish dependencies and groups, and define communication tags and algorithms.

Support and Help

Monitor to ensure the client's work with the database remains trouble-free, promptly address issues, and support the client's staff.

System Security Implementation

Enforce controls to securely protect sensitive and corporate information from accidental events and malicious actions by attackers.

Feedback From Our Clients

“Before DB Serv, our budget for the database team was large, but we still did not have enough for our database estate maintenance. DB Serv showed us how cost can be reduced while still maintaining a good quality of service.”
“DB Serv is a reliable and expert level DBAs”
"Vitaly from DB Serv provides the best service for the DBA support and management"


How do Database Migration Services work?

How can Database Migration Services benefit my business?

Why do businesses need Database Migration Services?

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