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Zenmon - databases and business process monitoring service

Monitoring service for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL databases and business process monitoring displaying on a single screen.  
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When will you need ZenMon?

  • Your organization works with several databases from different vendors, for example, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and your database administrators need to have one solution for monitoring all databases in one window.
  • As a manager, you need to see data on the effectiveness of business processes in your organization.

ZenMon database monitoring features

  • A proprietary database monitoring system is used;
  • Works with databases from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • ZenMon extracts only the necessary minimum of information from the database, which does not give any valuable information to the attacker if it is intercepted;
  • Shows the status of the database update;
  • Information is transmitted over SSL / TLS encrypted channels;

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ZenMon business process monitoring features

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ZenMon can display the following data:
  • deals and sales;
  • level of support;
  • data from CRM;
  • service availability;
  • SLA;
  • number of transactions;
  • tracking client request delays from request to execution;
  • Information is transmitted over SSL / TLS encrypted channels.

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