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DevOps Consulting Services

Bring together development and operations teams, streamline workflow processes, implement automation tools, and release reliable products with DevOps consulting services and solutions from DB Serv professionals.
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Advantages of Expert DevOps Consulting from DB Serv

DevOps, as a type of Agile methodology, provides you with broad opportunities for optimizing internal processes in your company. Our DevOps consulting services encompass approaches to uniting the efforts of development, testing, and operations teams, exploring ways to implement innovative solutions, options for using automated tools for accelerated product releases, and much more. Therefore, by turning to us, you get:

Cost Efficiency

Thanks to our detailed consultations, you can ensure scalability without exceeding the budget, reduce time for testing and implementing changes, and optimize working environments for employees. As a result, you can reduce costs and accelerate time to revenue by bringing products to market faster. Our consultants also ensure that you choose the most effective and cost-efficient tools and technologies. Additionally, we will advise you on potential risks when implementing DevOps, safeguarding you from operational downtimes and investments in low-productivity solutions.

Rapid Deployment

In addition to Oracle consulting services, we offer direct assistance in managing your digital infrastructure. This includes building, configuring, optimizing databases, monitoring their status, and fixing issues in real-time.Implementing DevOps methods into your team's work allows you to organize collaboration between developers and testers. With the practices selected by our experts, you'll also gain convenient tools for automated testing and configuration of the continuous integration and delivery pipeline. As a result, you'll increase the speed and quality of deploying digital products in the production environment. Your team will be able to release IT solutions ready for operation more quickly, positively impacting the company's productivity and profitability.


By securing the support of our DevOps consulting firm, you receive all the necessary information and a clear action plan for automation and improving scalability processes in your company. All of this provides additional flexibility and simplicity in configuring your IT infrastructure and facilitates the use of cloud services and other resources for development. Moreover, our team assists you in creating and implementing an optimal disaster recovery strategy to ensure stable, high-performance operations in any situation.

DevOps Consulting Services We Offer

DevOps Implementation Consulting

We provide consultations on implementing DevOps best practices in your company's operations. Whether you want to apply this approach before starting product development or adapt it to the needs of an existing project, we can help you navigate all the intricacies.

DevSecOps Consulting

Our DevOps team offers recommendations related to software development and other digital solutions based on DevOps approaches. We advise on security measures, creating collaborative working environments, and configuring effective communication between development, testing, and operations departments.

Project Recovery Consulting

BWith the expertise and experience of DB Serv specialists, you gain the necessary knowledge to elevate underperforming products to a higher level of development. We individually tailor recommendations and solutions for project deployment and recovery to ensure your company moves in the desired direction.

DevOps Tech Consulting

Our team ensures the selection, installation, configuration, and support of necessary technical solutions to create functional DevOps environments. We help swiftly overcome challenges, failures, and other unforeseen circumstances. With ample experience and technical capabilities, we can assist you in implementing even the most extensive and complex projects.

Key Features of Our DevOps Consulting Services

Customized Automation Solutions

Our DevOps consulting services involve a personalized approach to each client, ensuring valuable insights into emerging issues. The selection and integration of necessary automation tools and technologies to implement DevOps methods are also based on the individual requirements and characteristics of your company.

Infrastructure Automation

We take on the research and assessment of your infrastructure to develop an effective strategy for implementing DevOps practices and automation tools into your business. This approach allows you to accelerate the adoption of new methodologies and reap the benefits of collaborative efforts among the development, testing, and operations departments.

Proactive Monitoring

We assist in implementing tools for configuration management, various metrics, notifications, and visualization technologies, enabling you to regularly monitor operational processes and the architecture of created solutions and automatically respond to a decrease in quality. This ensures the early detection and resolution of issues, saving your resources.

Security and Compliance

We meticulously study the specifics of your operations to anticipate potential issues or risks. Based on the information gathered, our team provides advisory output and selects tools to protect your systems and data. When implementing DevOps, we also offer recommendations to help align your operations with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA, and other security standards.

Training and Support

DevOps consulting services include instructional recommendations for you and your employees to facilitate quick mastery of new practices, technologies, and tools. We also guarantee technical support during and after the project's completion for your uninterrupted work on projects.

Stages Of Work

Our consulting work aims to ensure continuous development, testing, deployment, and delivery, easy scalability, and process automation in your company, as well as minimize any risks for your DevOps project.


At the initial collaboration stage, our DevOps consulting company explores your infrastructure to assess its condition. We also help you formulate key requirements and project preferences. Next, together with you, we discuss suitable practices and select the best technologies to implement the envisioned project.


We always create a plan for conducting consultations to cover all the questions and directions that interest you. If necessary, to optimize collaboration between your teams, we develop a roadmap and plan the integration of previously chosen practices and technologies.


We provide you with precise and timely DevOps consulting services. The DB Serv team strictly follows the work implementation plan for the adoption of DevOps practices, technologies, and automation tools into your business. We also monitor and test all processes to ensure a high level of reliability for the new solutions.


We offer assistance, support, and consultations for the continued development of DevOps approaches in your company. Thanks to our experience, you optimize all your work processes and obtain a secure infrastructure for accelerated development and market release of reliable digital products.

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