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DevOps services

Increase the productivity of your business by facilitating continuous collaboration between development (Dev) and operations (Ops) departments. DB Serv, as a DevOps services company, will assist in implementing best practices to ensure effective interaction among your teams.
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Why Do You Need DevOps Services?

DevOps as a services will help you optimize your work processes and various operations for development projects, including:
✅ Reduce the time to market for digital products.
✅ Establish stable collaboration between development and operations teams.
✅ Maintain 24/7 IT infrastructure support and quickly resolve failures.
✅ Automate the development and deployment pipeline.
✅ Implement an Infrastructure-as-Code approach.
✅ Set up continuous integration, delivery, and testing.
✅ Migrate your current infrastructure to a cloud platform.
✅ Establish continuous monitoring of infrastructure performance.
devops services
Regardless of your reasons for wanting to implement new practices in your work, our team will provide you with a personalized DevOps solution.
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DevOps Services Offered by the DB Serv Team


Receive comprehensive and in-depth consultation from our experts, who possess profound knowledge in the DevOps field. We are prepared to address all your questions and provide detailed insights into the advantages, risks, and implementation possibilities of the methodology. Our team will study your business niche and current infrastructure to evaluate the project objectively and suggest optimal DevOps services and solutions.

Test Platform Creation and Implementation

We analyze the state of your infrastructure, select appropriate tools from our arsenal, and test the functionality of these solutions. This ensures a reliable process for implementing DevOps practices tailored to your business needs. We also assist in project realization through design, construction, and automation of the necessary operations.

CI/CD Pipeline Setup

We help bridge the gap between development and operations departments by configuring continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and product testing. DB Serv is an experienced DevOps service provider that individually selects proven automation tools tailored to your niche, helping you shorten the cycle for releasing products to the market.

Security Management

As a DevOps services provider, our team ensures security for your digital product's development lifecycle from its early stages. This DevSecOps approach guarantees comprehensive protection against potential threats and minimizes the risks of unauthorized access to your infrastructure. It also assists in the smooth integration of processes, enhances productivity, and reduces labor and financial costs associated with establishing robust security measures.

Benefits of DevOps

Experience all the advantages of working with the DevOps methodology, backed by support from DB Serv, the most reliable DevOps solutions and service provider.
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Time Savings

Our top priority is to protect your data. Throughout the administration process and during backups, we utilize only proven cryptographic protocols such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) to ensure secure data transmission.

Increased Profitability

Services from an experienced DevOps solutions provider help you select and implement best practices, boosting your employees' productivity and ultimately leading to increased company profitability.

Budget Savings

Continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and testing contribute to the detection of errors and failures at the early stages of programming. Therefore, you won't need to redo the product in later stages, which can be a costly operation for your business.

Quality Assurance

Implementing DevOps services facilitates defect detection at early stages, improving the product and allowing comprehensive testing of every feature and component of future software. This enables the development of resilient, high-performance, and secure digital products.

DevOps Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

1. Emphasize Automation 

Automation significantly reduces the time spent on manual processes and ensures the consistent execution of all tasks. Therefore, integrate automated tools for a wide range of operations.

2. Continuous Integration and Delivery

DevOps service provider company assists you in setting up continuous integration and delivery, ensuring stable and reliable work by your team on digital projects.

3. Collaboration and Communication 

DevOps relies on seamless communication between development and operations departments, as well as client communication. Utilize this practice to minimize misunderstandings during work and provide excellent service.

4. Monitoring and Metrics

24/7 monitoring of your systems helps prevent disruptions and resolve issues in a timely manner. Gathering metrics allows performance analysis and the selection of optimal solutions to enhance productivity.

5. Infrastructure as Code 

DevOps solutions company helps you select and implement Infrastructure as Code tools, minimizing errors, simplifying management, and scaling your infrastructure.

6. Security 

Advanced DevOps practice, DevSecOps, ensures protection for you and your clients against various cyber threats. Use automated testing tools to promptly address security issues.

7. Continuous Learning 

Continuous learning is an effective way to become a professional in your industry. Familiarize yourself with new approaches and innovative tools to enhance your DevOps processes and offer the best services on the market.

8. Containerization 

Containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes are well-known to our team. If you aim to simplify and ensure consistency across different working environments, we are ready to offer effective solutions to achieve these goals.

9. Agile Methodology 

Project management methodologies like Scrum or Kanban allow your team to quickly adapt to changing requirements and select the best features for task implementation. Integrate DevOps with flexible methodologies to accelerate development while maintaining product quality.

10. Cloud Native 

Our DevOps service provider company specializes in cloud technology implementation. By using our comprehensive services, you gain tools for serverless computing, building microservices architecture, and more, ensuring the reliability and scalability of the software you develop.

Why Choose DB Serv as DevOps Service?

DB Serv, as a DevOps solutions and service provider company with extensive experience, guarantees you:
✅ Assistance from highly qualified DevOps experts.
✅ Technical support and 24/7 operational maintenance.
✅ Consultations based on DevOps niche research and our own experience.
✅ High-security levels for the offered solutions and protection of your data.
✅ A flexible collaboration model and personalized service.


Why do I need DevOps?

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How do I engage your DevOps Services?

Take advantage of DB Serv's implementation of the best DevOps practices and elevate your business to a new level of productivity

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