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Oracle Consulting Services

If you are planning to move your infrastructure to Oracle or develop it from scratch based on this database, you will need the help of experts. Trust your project to DB Serv professionals and get the most effective assistance in planning and organizing migration and implementation.
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Our Advantages

DB Serv is an Oracle consulting company that has been working in the information technology segment for over 15 years, providing expert assistance in database-related issues. We not only provide consulting services but also develop enterprise-level technical solutions, transfer data between digital systems, and manage infrastructure.

What We Offer

We offer you our experience in working with leading databases, server solutions, and digital infrastructure. It will help your business streamline processes related to databases, information migration, architecture development, analytics capabilities, and system performance more quickly and efficiently.
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DB Serv Oracle Consulting Offerings

Oracle Cloud Applications Consulting

We will help you organize, build, and optimize databases for your digital product using cloud technologies. We'll provide consultation and, if necessary, incorporate our engineers into your project to expedite processes and enhance the quality of results.

Oracle Managed Services

In addition to Oracle consulting services, we offer direct assistance in managing your digital infrastructure. This includes building, configuring, optimizing databases, monitoring their status, and fixing issues in real-time.

Oracle Technology Consulting

We will explain everything about the technology, database specifics, compatibility, advantages, and disadvantages. We'll assist in selecting the right tech stack and tools for working with it. We'll guide you on creating a robust architecture and optimizing database operations.
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Why Choose Our Oracle Consulting Services

If you want to quickly and efficiently deploy your database using Oracle, you need the expertise of Oracle consulting professionals. DB Serv is a team of professional database engineers who excel in their work due to their experience in selecting, deploying, configuring, upgrading, and optimizing digital solutions.

Key Features of Our Consulting Services

Checking Functionality

Our specialists comprehensively test both the existing and new systems, assessing the performance, security, and resilience of the IT solution. We verify the functionality, its alignment with infrastructure needs, operation validity, and results.

Professional Support Team

The DB Serv team consists of mid-level and higher-level experts. With our support, you'll always receive responses and assistance within minutes of communication or sending a request. No matter how complex the problem, we'll help resolve it in the shortest time possible.

Setting Up the System

We conduct a comprehensive system setup using DB Serv's unique methodology. Our algorithms guarantee that the IT solution will be easy to manage, scalable, with a user-friendly GUI, and easily optimizable in a semi-automatic mode.

Plan and Prepare for Implementation

In addition to Oracle database consulting services, we actively participate in the preparation and planning of database deployments. We design the architecture, create the database layout, and define data formats, structure, types, and exchange methods.

Checking the Health Of the System

We assess the state of the database and the system working with it, as well as the hardware and server infrastructure. We determine their resilience, failure or error rates, and identify and rectify potentially dangerous bugs.

Implement the System

Our team helps deploy the newly created system correctly and swiftly in your digital infrastructure, regardless of its type, profile, and scale. We optimize the interaction methods of the database with other components and configure dependencies, classes, groups, and other specific elements.

24/7 Production Support

We work to ensure you don't have to worry about the system's status. We provide experts who continuously monitor the state of your database and, if necessary, address failures or offer assistance. With such support, you minimize downtime for your business, even during significant digital system disruptions.

System Security Implementation

Our experts incorporate modern, robust information security systems, including authorized access for multiple command levels, end-to-end encryption of connection protocols between the system and the database, and data. We configure automatic stream backup and information recovery to compensate for system failures.

Stages Of Work

Receiving Requests or Orders

Receiving your request and processing it as quickly as possible.

Signing NDA and Contract

For security, the signing of a contract with an NDA and outlining the cooperation framework.

System Assessment

Integration into your infrastructure and an analysis of its effectiveness.

Understanding Client Requirements and Needs

Assessing the client's needs in the context of the existing system, including the database type and technologies.

Checking the Current System for Compliance with Requirements

Determining if the infrastructure meets its tasks, identifying issues, and more.

Preparation for Providing a Specific Set of Services

Preparing a work plan, creating a roadmap, and preparing an initial estimate.

Commencement of Cooperation

Integrating multiple experts into the digital infrastructure and configuring their working environment.

Execution of Work Within the Contract

Carrying out necessary processes, such as database testing, configuration, optimization, and data migration.

Project Closure

Reassessment, integration of data monitoring and backup systems, and project closure.


Periodic updates of the solution, adding new features, fixing errors, and providing consultations.

Feedback From Our Clients

“Before DB Serv, our budget for the database team was large, but we still did not have enough for our database estate maintenance. DB Serv showed us how cost can be reduced while still maintaining a good quality of service.”
“DB Serv is a reliable and expert level DBAs”
"Vitaly from DB Serv provides the best service for the DBA support and management"


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