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Pricing is based on the contract option: "All inclusive" or "Monitoring and support."

"All Inclusive" contract

The cost of the "All inclusive" contract is based on the size of the database, the complexity of maintenance and the load according to the following scheme:
Small databases (less than 250 Gb or User calls less than 10,000 per second, the Oracle RAC option is not enabled) included in Patroni cluster:Number of databasesPrice a year
Up to 5$26,000
From 5Negotiated
Middle databases (from 250 GB to 3 TB or User calls between 10,000-20000 per second or Oracle RAC option or AlwaysON is enabled):Number of databasesPrice a year
Large databases (sizes from 3 TB or User calls more than 20,000 per second):Number of databasesPrice a year


Support is provided for all databases in the enterprise (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database and all products of the Oracle Core Technologies family), including new installations, backup and test databases.

"Monitoring and Support" сontract

The cost of the “Monitoring and Support” package is calculated according to the same logic as All Inclusive, based on the volume of databases administered. The contract includes only work to maintain database management systems in working condition. Work on the infrastructure change is estimated at T & M (time and materials) and executed in separate acts or additional agreements at the rate of $600 a day.
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