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Remote DBA service - full time DBA replacement

Responsibly control, correct errors and manage your database in the absence of the main DBA employee.
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Remote DBA service, remote database administration

When will you need Remote DBA Service?

  • The employee goes on vacation, it is dangerous to leave the database unattended, and to increase the staff for his substitution is not advisable from a business point of view.

  • You are in search of a new full-time database administrator and for this period you need a person to manage the databases.

  • The employee went on leave for child care or became ill for a long time, it is necessary to continue to manage and monitor the databases, without resorting to finding and hiring a new full-time specialist.

What do we offer?

  • Qualified DBA for remote database administration with the necessary competencies such as dba sql server for the period of leave of the main employee: from 1 week to 12 months;
  • The ability to choose the same specialist (DBA) to keep your databases in order annually;
  • Protection of your information and complete confidentiality (we sign the NDA).

What is the result?

You get a responsible employee for remote database services of the required qualifications who monitors the entire infrastructure, administers your databases, corrects errors in time, and also takes preventive measures to prevent malfunctions.

What is the term of entry into the post?

At 1-2 business days. Calculated individually, depending on the characteristics of the state of the system.
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About us 

DB Serv LTD is an IT infrastructure company that reduces costs up to 50% on administration and optimization of databases (DBA) in retail, banks, telecoms with an in-house approach 24х7. For over 10 years, has been implementing projects in the UK.

Up to 50%

reducing database management costs


round-the-clock support


your data security guarantee

Serviced Databases

Oracle Database and all products of the Oracle Core Technologies family
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
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