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AWS Managed Services

Do you want to ensure unlimited potential for your business growth? With the help of AWS managed cloud services guided by DB Serv experts, you can make all your business dreams come true.
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AWS Managed Services We Offer

AWS Administration

Our skilled team takes on all responsibilities for administering your AWS environment. We ensure the setup and availability of services, manage data streams, optimize resource distribution, and back up data in your storage.

Monitoring and Issue Resolution

We provide round-the-clock monitoring of managed AWS cloud services to promptly address issues and malfunctions. Our administrator examines your logs to identify the root causes of problems and develop plans to prevent recurring errors. We also resolve issues related to improper configuration and server overload to ensure seamless AWS environment operation.
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Optimization Assurance

We thoroughly explore your architecture to tailor strategies for optimizing AWS service in line with your business's specifics and direction. Additionally, we offer cost reduction options associated with environment enhancement, increased computational power, and performance.

AWS Infrastructure Monitoring

In our work, we employ tools like Amazon Cloud to monitor AWS service operations, identify weak points, and prevent potential downtime in your company's operations. You'll regularly receive performance and resource distribution reports for your AWS-based infrastructure.

Assistance in Expanding the AWS Environment

Our experts' qualifications and knowledge enable us to provide you with reliable recommendations for expanding Amazon managed services. We also assist in formulating improvement or alteration plans for your environment and are always ready to collaborate with your internal IT team or third-party contractors.

Why Choose Our AWS Managed Services

By choosing our managed AWS services, you gain a range of advantages:
✅ Enhanced Reliability: You'll avoid potential issues and have confidence in the timely resolution of any glitches through our Amazon managed services support. Additionally, we'll provide you with the necessary level of automated failover to ensure your infrastructure is securely guarded against data loss.
✅ Time Savings: Our experienced team can seamlessly integrate into operations, delivering desired outcomes in record time. We'll promptly carry out all necessary tasks and ensure timely glitch identification, preventing disruptions to your company's operations.
✅ Reducing Cost: Enlisting our team brings remote talents to your staff for managing and administrating your AWS-based infrastructure. This means you don't need to allocate a budget to seek and hire new employees, set up workspaces, or acquire technical equipment.
✅ Increased Efficiency: You'll receive professionally curated AWS cloud managed services that align perfectly with your company's direction and specifics. Our experts also offer practical recommendations and assistance in integrating high-performance services, satisfying your business's technical needs, and contributing positively to overall enterprise performance.

24/7/365 Production Support Features

Our work is built on stable IT infrastructure support, ensuring you achieve maximum levels of functionality and performance for each component and service. We provide comprehensive AWS managed services and round-the-clock support to:
➡️ Timely address system glitches.
➡️ Regularly test and enhance resilience.
➡️ Continuously monitor the workload of your services.
➡️ Swiftly identify and rectify weak points in the infrastructure.
➡️ Regularly back up data for quick recovery.
➡️ Consistently monitor service operations and compile reports.
➡️ Rapidly configure infrastructure and restore it in case of critical failure.

Delegate the management and support of your AWS services to the professionals at DB Serv and be fully confident in the high-performance operation of your infrastructure.
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amazon managed services

Professional Support Team DB Serv

Optimization and Implementation of All Essential Amazon Managed Services

We'll offer you the best tools to enhance operational efficiency based on your business needs and objectives. We'll also provide recommendations and assistance in integrating new services into your infrastructure to optimize internal processes within your company.

Support and Assistance during Cloud Infrastructure Migration

We'll help you identify and set up optimal paths for migrating your servers and applications to the cloud platform. Throughout this process, we'll employ proven and reliable security protocols to maintain the confidentiality of your data and prevent unauthorized access during migration.

Monitoring and Testing of Operational Processes for Failure Prevention

As part of our managed AWS services, we will test and establish constant monitoring of your systems' performance metrics, gather data, and generate reports. We'll then analyze the information, identify vulnerabilities, and propose solutions to address issues.

Data Protection through Reliable Protocols and Tools

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize and enhance the security of your corporate information. Security monitoring and regular scans will help identify network intrusions. We adhere to the international security standard ISO/IEC 27001 when dealing with confidential data.

Take 4 Simple Steps to Get Professional Services

Step 1

Consultation: We'll discuss your preferences, needs, and industry and then define the list of required services. We'll provide a preliminary estimate of the scope of work and its cost.

Step 2

Requirements Development: Our experts will create a roadmap for implementing AWS cloud managed services that align with the specifics of your business.

Step 3

Contract Signing: Together, we'll draft a contract specifying timelines, scopes, and costs. We'll also sign an NDA to ensure complete confidentiality.

Step 4

Work Execution: Our team will begin fulfilling its duties in providing managed AWS services and addressing your company's IT infrastructure optimization needs.
Working on the Amazon Web Services platform and integrating cloud services into your business is a great step towards development, unlocking potential, and optimizing internal processes. Secure professional support from DB Serv experts to ease and simplify the implementation of new technologies and tools.

Feedback From Our Clients

Learn more about managed AWS services by exploring reviews from DB Serv's recurring clients.
“Before DB Serv, our budget for the database team was large, but we still did not have enough for our database estate maintenance. DB Serv showed us how cost can be reduced while still maintaining a good quality of service.”
“DB Serv is a reliable and expert level DBAs”
"Vitaly from DB Serv provides the best service for the DBA support and management"


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