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ZenAudit - database audit 

A comprehensive check of the database to eliminate existing problems and prevent their appearance in the future.
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How to determine that your database is time to audit?

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  • Permanent breakdowns, poor performance, increasing the cost of maintaining the database while maintaining a low speed.
  • One calendar year has passed since the last audit.
  • Optimization of business processes, the emergence of a new IT manager, the need for correct and impartial diagnostics of the current state of the database.
  • When doubts arose about the reasonableness of spending on a license package: you need to reduce costs, maintain performance and stay in the legal field.
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What do we offer?

- Audit to optimize the cost reducing the cost of a license package, equipment and database support;
- Security audit for database management systems;
- Performance audit;
- Audit of the compliance of the database infrastructure with the requirements of business accessibility and reliability.

Audit to optimize the cost

  • we analyze the infrastructure from the point of view of data security;
  • check server performance;
  • it fault tolerance;
  • availability of infrastructure availability of backup servers and clusters;
  • their settings;
  • the presence of multiplexing of critical components;
  • setting up operating systems analyze the backup procedure;
  • calculate the cost of licenses;
  • equipment and support.

Security audit

  • We analyze security vulnerabilities: database and operating system settings, encryption, access rights, password security, processes that could potentially lead to information leakage, corruption and compromise;
  • critical update policy;
  • operating system settings;
  • backup procedures;
  • we carry out full diagnostics regarding the stability of the infrastructure to data loss.

Performance audit

  • Analyze vulnerabilities in system performance;
  • analyze applications, including business logic and software implementation;
  • check the configuration of database servers and operating systems;
  • We analyze the load and efficiency of the equipment.

Audit of the compliance of the database infrastructure with the requirements of business accessibility and reliability.

  • Analyze accessibility parameters - RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective);
  • check equipment for backup;
  • setting up databases and operating systems;
  • availability of backup servers and cluster configurations;
  • During the audit, we consider the most severe scenarios of equipment and software failure. An analysis of these scenarios in the existing configuration shows the potential for data loss and the time taken to restore service availability.
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About us 

DB Serv LTD is an IT infrastructure company that reduces costs up to 50% on administration and optimization of databases (DBA) in retail, banks, telecoms and state-owned companies with an in-house approach - 24/7. For over 10 years, has been implementing projects in UK.

Up to 50%

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Oracle Database and all products of the Oracle Core Technologies family
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