Dat­­­­­­­­abase Administration 24/7

We fully or partially perform all the functions of DBA
and the whole complex of works on database administration in 24x7 mode.
We work with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Your database management department requires optimization if:
  • Long execution of tasks and implementation of projects.
  • No growth.
  • DBA complain about the amount of work.
  • Constantly "not enough hands".
  • Scary to let DBA go on vacation.
  • Regularly something does not work, "falls off".
  • Permanent incidents, breakdowns.
  • Business processes do not work or work slowly.
  • A lot of money is spent on increasing the capacity of the infrastructure (server, storage system).
The solution for those who are willing to change:
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DB Serv LTD is an IT infrastructure company that reduces costs up to 50% on administration and optimization of databases (DBA) in retail, banks, telecoms and state-owned companies with an in-house approach - 24/7. For over 10 years, has been implementing projects in UK.
Database administration is the main service of the company. In 24/7 mode, we fully or partially take over all the functions of database administrators and perform the full range of database administration tasks. All work on maintaining systems in working condition and any work on changing the infrastructure of database management systems is performed.

up to 50%

reducing database management costs


round-the-clock support


your data security guarantee

Serviced Databases

Oracle Database and all products of the Oracle Core Technologies / Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL / PostgreSQL family