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Monitoring SQL Queries in Oracle Database

We have already mentioned that ZenMon has become a native cross-platform database monitoring tool for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL using the Zabbix Agent. But what metrics and triggers it monitors - no. We think it's time to start! 

ZenMon was updated with Zabbix v4.4 and combined not only classic popular open-source management systems - MySQL and PostgreSQL, but also commercial products - Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Let's consider what specific ZenMon monitoring indicators Oracle has.

Only for this type of databases: 80 metrics and 70 triggers. 

Here is a part of these metrics for monitoring on Oracle version 10g/11g/12c/18c/19c: 

  • Basic instance metrics (uptime, availability, status, sessions, processes, data file limits, locks, archiver status and so on); 
  • Single database/Pluggable database (size, role, open_mode, flashback, etc.); 
  • Fast Recovery Area (FRA); 
  • Monitoring backups; 
  • Monitoring permanent, undo, temporary tablespace; 
  • Monitoring Dataguard (MRP status, apply and transport lag); 
  • Monitoring errors in alert.log (ORA-00600 and others); 
  • Monitoring Archive Log Destination; 
  • Monitoring instance parameters (changing default parameters); 
  • Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) monitoring; 
  • Monitoring Listener Performance. 

ZenMon allows you to customize the data being collected. It means that you can create your own item's and write SQL queries in the configuration file. What a cherry on the cake: open source under GPLv2 license. Do not thank you.